A "Northern Exposure" drinking game

by Molly Ringle


I know there is at least one other drinking game for "Northern Exposure" out there, but this was one I wrote several years ago, while still in college, so I thought I'd contribute it...

The premise here is simple: use your own discretion to choose a drink, then get out those DVDs (or stream some episodes if you can) and take a swig whenever any of the following happen:

*Fleischman yells, "O'Connell!"

*Shelly calls Holling "Big H"

*Maurice makes a derogatory remark about the Japanese

*Someone appears who only Ed can see

*Adam threatens to kill someone

*Ruth-Anne wears her "Born to Bingo" sweatshirt

*Fleischman looks down over his glasses at someone

*Walt comes in and says, "Good evening, Ruth-Anne" (or "Good morning, Ruth-Anne")

*Fleischman ridicules an old Indian medicine practice, only to find it works

*The show goes surreal and suddenly everyone is in New York

*The show goes surreal and suddenly everyone is in a famous movie scene

*The show goes surreal and suddenly everyone is someone else in the distant past

*O'Connell starts worrying that maybe it's her fault that five boyfriends have died on her

*Chris answers a question with all possible philosophical angles before (if ever) giving his own opinion

*Marilyn does something that Fleischman says is strictly against procedure

*Mike comes out of his bubble-house

*Chris wears one of his sexy sleeveless flannel shirts

*Anyone's family members show up

*They fake the Northern Lights with special effects

*Some stunning woman you've never seen before comes out of Chris' trailer

*Ed wears his earmuffs

*O'Connell calls Fleischman a chauvinist pig

*Marilyn says more than six words in a row

*Chris reads poetry over the air

*Someone loses their memory

*Shelly and Holling start making out in the Brick

*Shelly wears a halter top while waiting tables

*Maurice listens to or mentions show tunes

*Someone encounters a bear

*Chris wears a tie

*A circus comes to town

*O'Connell and Fleischman kiss (finish the glass or bottle if they have sex)

*Someone has a dream which stars everyone else in the show

*Someone besides Ed starts hallucinating

*Ed understands something once it's put in terms of an old movie

*Maurice commands the airwaves to make a dire, serious announcement no one cares about

*Maurice calls everyone's attention in the Brick to make a dire, serious announcement no one cares about

*Maurice wears his NASA hat

*Anyone leaves Cicely (even temporarily)

*Finish the glass or bottle if Ed kisses anyone

*Marilyn's mute lover appears

*Maurice flirts with Shelly or reminisces about the day he brought her to Cicely

*Anyone's ex-girlfriend or -boyfriend shows up

*Someone from a foreign country comes through town

*A dog runs across the street

*Someone goes outside in the snow wearing nowhere near enough clothing

*A motorcycle figures prominently in the conversation or episode

*Anyone gets completely drunk (besides you)

© Molly Ringle 2019