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Alongside my own writing projects, I have taken on various freelance copyediting and proofreading work over the past several years. I’m a member of the Northwest Editors Guild and have earned a Certificate in Editing through the University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education program. My clients’ writing so far has included virtually all types of written work: novels, essays, business documents, academic dissertations, marketing materials, and more. I’m also happy to assist with edits for speakers of English as a second or other language. As far as heat levels in romantic fiction, I’m willing to work with anything from sweet to erotic, and will give equal respect to it all.

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Proofreading: $0.007/word. This entails fixing typos and making preferences align with Merriam-Webster and Chicago Manual of Style (or style guide of your choice), and querying any points of confusion or inconsistency.

Copyediting: $0.01/word. This includes all the proofreading tasks as well as trimming unnecessary words or suggesting different phrasing, along with queries about bigger-picture points (organization, logic, tone, plot, character, etc.) that might benefit from revision.

The one-page special: $25. Full copyediting of any document up to 300 words in length. Great for those who want to make sure a query letter, brief synopsis, article, or other short piece of writing is in its best possible shape!

My rates are currently on the low end of the industry standard, as I'm still getting established as an independent freelancer. Please contact me if you’re curious—there’s no obligation, and I’m happy to do a free sample edit of a few paragraphs to show you the type of changes I make.

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My own experience as a sensitive writer, along with my fondness for the flexibility of language (which comes of studying linguistics), means that I will treat you and your work with kindness and encouragement!

Recently I was honored to volunteer my work on the anthology Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort During the Time of COVID-19, in which I got to proofread the writing of Garth Stein, Dani Shapiro, Andre Dubus III, Caroline Leavitt, Kwame Alexander, Nikki Giovanni, and many more—an experience both humbling and delightful.


“Molly is a pleasure to work with! She is both a highly skilled proofreader and a kind human who offers encouraging feedback.” - Jennifer Haupt, editor, Alone Together: Stories of Love, Grief and Comfort During the Time of COVID-19

“Molly is the dictionary queen and the comma whisperer! I really like working with her.” - Bianca M. Schwarz, novelist, historical romance

“Molly is my favorite editor and I try to always use her when I can on a major project. Not enough can be said about how she makes sense of my messy thoughts. She is worth every penny!” - Stephanie P., graduate student

“Molly's sharp eye is second to none. Then throw in her attention to detail, sensitivity, and awesome wit—I wouldn't work with anyone else.” - Abbie Williams, novelist, contemporary and historical romance

“Molly is an excellent editor with a keen eye for details. She edited my latest book and now I have a clean copy I'm proud of. I highly recommend her services.” - Darlene Foster, novelist, middle-grade fiction

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