Editing and proofreading services

Alongside my own writing projects, I have taken on freelance copyediting and proofreading work over the past several years as time allows. I am currently working toward earning a Certificate in Editing through the University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education program. My clients’ writing so far has included virtually all types of written work: novels, essays, business documents, dissertations, cover letters, marketing materials, and more. I’m also happy to assist with edits for speakers of English as a second or other language.

My own experience as a sensitive writer, along with my fondness for the flexibility of language (which comes of studying linguistics), means that I will treat you and your work with kindness and encouragement!

My rates vary based on the degree of work you need—proofreading is cheaper than copyediting, which is cheaper than developmental (“big picture” revision) editing—but they will be on the low end of the industry standard, as I'm still getting established as an independent freelancer. Please contact me if you’re curious—there’s no obligation at all, and I’m happy to do a sample edit of a few paragraphs to show you the type of changes I would make.

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